Green Rock is a new construction material co-developed by MTEC and Charan Business 52 Company Limited, a subsidiary of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (ThaiBev). It was originated from G-Rock innovation, developed by Dr. Pitak Laoratanakul of MTEC, that upcycles by-products from agricultural and industrial activities and creates lightweight pellets used for reinforcing lightweight concrete. The lightweight pellets add weight-bearing and insulation properties to and reduces the weight of regular concrete.

Based on the G-Rock innovation, the collaboration between MTEC and Charan Business 52 Company Limited focused on utilizing by-product materials from manufacturing processes in ThaiBev business group and designing the pellet’s properties to meet the company’s requirements. The partnership resulted in a new product called Green Rock which has been launched by Charan Business 52.

This innovation is an excellent example of Bio-Circular-Green economy that the Thai government and private sectors are pursuing. In addition to upcycling industrial by-products and eliminating wastes, this new material also helps preserve the environment and natural resources because it replaces stone meals which are obtained from explosions to limestone mountains.