An agreement between NSTDA and Ministry of Defence was signed on 8 September 2020 to support defence innovation program for national security purposes. The signing ceremony was attended by executives from both parties led by Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, NSTDA President and Lieutenant General Kongcheep Tantawanich, Director-General of the Defence Science and Technology Department.

Under this 3-year agreement, both parties will contribute and share resources to support research and development in military applications, drive the innovations to field use and foster the development and growth of defence industry in Thailand. Representing NSTDA in this collaboration is the National Security and Dual-Use Technology Center (NSD), one of NSTDA’s three focus centers. NSD is currently developing a number of innovations for military and security purposes such as a robotic platform, an ICT system for crime detection and prevention, graphene-coated fabric for military uniforms and electrostatic air filtration system with low ozone emission, as well as promoting and expanding the use of UV sterilization robot.