Pet ownership is on the rise in Thailand, with dogs and cats leading the way. People increasingly have close contact with their domestic animals, which can escalate the transmission of diseases, especially fungal skin infections, from animals to humans. Although there are a number of pet medications available for treating fungal infections, some of them contain chemicals with potential side effects of damaging animals’ internal organs such as liver, stomach and intestines. Many of these medicines are imported and therefore can be expensive for consumers.  NANOTEC-NSTDA therefore explored the idea of using herbal extracts which can be sourced locally for treating fungal skin infections in pets. In addition to enabling a locally made and less expensive product for Thai consumers, products containing natural ingredients are more inclined to be safe for animals and humans, as well as the environment.

Dr. Nattika Saengkrit, NANOTEC Researcher of Nanomedicine and Veterinary Research Team, developed an antifungal spray for pets. The product contains herbal extract of Rhinacanthus nasutus, commonly known as snake jasmine, and saponin prepared from tea seed cake. Nanoemulsion has been employed to enhance the delivery of active ingredients, as well as minimize their unwanted colors and odors. It has been tested and demonstrated excellent fungal growth inhibition, non-toxicity to skin cells, and safety for health and the environment. This product is suitable for preventing and treating early signs of fungal skin infections.

The product was developed in the form of spray in order to offer customers convenience to use, and manufacturers simple production process and moderate investment. The manufacturing technology is currently ready for transferring to industry.