MTEC-NSTDA, recently unveiled Magik Growth, a plant grow bag made from spunbond nonwoven fabric. The technology was developed by Dr. Natthaphop Suwannamek and team from Advanced Polymer Technology Research Group. Due to the nature of fabric, this innovative grow bag offers far better aeration and water drainage in comparison to a conventional plastic grow bag, and therefore resulting a healthier plant. Magik Growth is ideal for plants that can be harvested within 30 days to 1 year such as melon, cantaloupe, cucumber, tomato, chili, pumpkin, and greenhouse plants. It is also an eco-friendly product owing to its reusability.

Magik Growth is produced with spunbond technology, resulting in a fabric-like material that provides aeration and drainage allowing roots to breathe, translating to healthier, more robust growth. Fabric-like material can withstand extreme temperatures, wear and tear better than plastic and thus is more durable and reusable. Magik Growth can be designed with different colors to allow specific wavelengths to pass through to stimulate plant growth or to repel certain insects.

Apart from its application in agriculture, Magik Growth is a preferred option to plastic pots for garden enthusiasts living in an apartment with limited balcony space or indoor space. The research team is further exploring this material for vertical garden application.

Magik Growth is produced from a special polymer with a high heating value. MTEC therefore sets up a mechanism for farmers using Magik Growth to collect retired bags to be sold to biomass power plants at 1 THB/kg. This practice not only facilitates waste-to-energy conversion, but also reduces waste disposing and polluting the environment.