NSTDA and the Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA) signed an MOU to collaborate on the development of Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) – a new innovation zone designed to serve as Thailand’s new growth hub. The MOU signing ceremony was held on 20 August 2019 with the presence of Dr. Suwit Chaikiattiyos, ARDA Executive Director and Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, NSTDA President.

 Specializing in agricultural research, ARDA will be a strong partner for NSTDA to drive the agricultural and agro-industry sectors in the EECi through the development of research and innovation and transferring technology to industry and farmers. The first initiative under this MOU framework will be the development of a STI roadmap to boost the aquaculture industry.

 Located in Wangchan Valley, Rayong Province, EECi is designed with a complete elements of innovation ecosystem, including government and private-sector laboratories, living laboratory, leading testing and certification centers, pilot plants and demonstration plants. Its target industries are modern agriculture and biotechnology; bio-fuel & bio-chemicals; high performance battery and modern transports; automation, robotics and intelligent electronics; aviation and space; and medical devices. NSTDA has been tasked by the government to lead the EECi establishment. The construction of Phase 1A started in February 2019 and is expected to complete in 2021. Among facilities to support the agriculture and biotechnology sector at EECi are biorefinery pilot plant, plant factory facility and high-throughput phenotyping greenhouse. For more information on EECi, please visit: