NSTDA organized an exhibition showcasing innovations in agriculture at HortEx Vietnam 2019 held at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 13-15 March 2019. Three innovations were on display:

  • Plant disease detection tests. Plant disease detection tests are essential for disease diagnosis and management, epidemiology studies, plant breeding programs and disease-free certification for export. A number of accurate and inexpensive detection tests for plant pathogens have been developed by Thai scientists. Products on display include a diagnostic test for Acidovorax citrulli, a rapid test for Acidovorax citrulli, a rapid test for multiplex detection of three pathogens in cucurbits, a multiplex RT-PCR-ELISA to detect and differentiate tospovirus species, and reagents for detection of viral and bacterial pathogens.
  • NPV for pest control. NPV is an entomopathogenic virus used for controlling beet armyworm. The product can be applied to several plants such as shallot, onion, asparagus mung bean, marigold, orchid, rose and chrysanthemum. This NPV product has highly specific effect on the insect pest target and is safe for human, beneficial insects and environment.
  • ActivePAKTM. ActivePAKTM is an innovative fresh produce packaging film with Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere (EMA) technology. It can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for 2-5 times longer compared to standard perforated plastic bags.

In addition, NSTDA also invited Thai companies to join the delegation to visit HortEx Vietnam 2019 in order to explore business opportunity. Nine companies took part in the program.

HortEx Vietnam 2019 was hosted by the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Vietnam, Vietnam Fruit & Vegetable Association, Flower Association and Vietnam Seed Trade Association. HortEx Vietnam provides a platform for the horticulture and floriculture sector to showcase their work and explore business opportunities.