The effect from the “Mega Flood” occurred in Thailand recently is enormous and creates a huge negative impact to Thai economy, both direct and indirect impacts.  However, for the flood victims, they are not only that.  They were suffered from the flood that took away their homes and their families; they also had to face with a group of blood-sucking mosquitoes every night, which might cause the mosquito-borne- diseases later on.

Recently, the National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) has developed NNET NANO, a highly effective insecticidal bed-net.  The mosquito bed-net is coated by a synthetic pyrethroid derivative, Deltamethrin, which is known for safe to human and all mammals.  Deltamethrin is also approved by WHO and has been used worldwide.  Moreover, NNET NANO was developed as a multifunction mosquito bed-net having various special properties i.e. anti-bacterial, anti-UV, and water repellent, which improve the shelf-life of the insecticidal effect.  NNET NANO is suitable for daily use or during the flood which has normally infested by mosquitoes.