NSTDA researchers have researched and developed a palm oil extraction system which does not require steam.  One system can process 1 ton of palms per hour or 1,500 rai of palm trees, which is suitable for the use of a community.  The system uses only a small space.  It requires no steaming system which means more convenient control. 

Flexibility-wise, it can be moved right to a cropping area requiring and no polluted water treatment system is necessary.  Also, it works semi-automatically and produces A-grade palm oil with low humidity and free from fatty acidity.  Besides this, the palm waste can be used as animal food.

This oil extraction system was coordinated by MTEC, Crop Integration Business of Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL and Great Agro Co., Ltd. At the Integrated Communal Bio-Diesel Manufacturing Demonstration Factory Project in Honor of His Majesty the King in the upper Thoong Rangsit area, a prototype machine was built to be a steam-free palm oil extraction system as an alternative technology for palm agriculturists.  A community would be able to manufacture palm oil themselves which saves on transportation costs, minimizes product loss, and helps farmer to avoid middleman problems. Therefore, the Steam-free Palm Oil Extraction System should help farmers and current palm oil extraction entrepreneurs to increase their income.