Researchers at BIOTEC Enzyme Technology Laboratory is in the process of developing ENZstrips which is test strips containing in-gel crosslink substrate for detecting cellulases, hemicellulases, beta-glucanases, and amylases enzyme activity for industrial and academic research use.  In recent years, the Enzyme Screening Service unit has

been noticing an increase in the request from industrial and academic sector for enzyme activity assay detection services.  For some, such request for services can be a financial burden.

“We realize the importance of enzyme activity detection and as a national research institution, it is necessary that we lend a helping hand.  Once dip in sample solution/extract, ENZstrips will release a color dye from polymer type crosslink in-gel substrates if and when there is enzyme activity occurring.  ENZstrip is an easy to use rapid enzyme detection test strip which industrial and academic sector can use at their facility.  It is fast and accurate but most importantly, it is a low cost detection tool which helps minimize operation and QC cost” said Ukrit Rattanachomsri, Research Assistant at BIOTEC Enzyme Technology Laboratory.

Using ENZstrips is quite straight forward.  In order to detect enzyme activities in the sample, the user place an ENZstrips test strip which is made of plastic polymer in the sample solution/extract.  Enzyme in the sample will specifically attack its chromogenic substrates immobilized in the gel attached on the strip.  Reactions can be incubated under a wide range of conditions and would take from a few minutes to hours depending on enzyme activity level in samples.  Once color is observed, it means that enzyme activity has taken place.

It is expected that sample production of ENZstrips will be produced for field testing within two months.  The sample patch will be distributed to approximately 20-50 industrial and academic users.  The lab hopes to be in the position to discuss with potential manufacturers/distributors for the purpose of commercialization of ENZstrips in early 2011.  ENZstrips has received positive interests from industrial and academic sector who visited the lab open house event during NAC 2010.

For additional information on ENZstrips, please contact Dr. Verawat Champreda or Khun Ukrit Rattanachomsri at ext: 3473, 3464