NSTDA researchers have designed an Economic Aquatic Animal Farm Breeding Management Program using RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification technology. An embedded 1.0 X 0.2 cm tag in a fish will help record its weight automatically and process data such as survival rate, growth rate, helminthological condition and all the factors that would cause the aquatic animals stress.

Applying RFID technology to use in bred aquatic animal registration will help to control all the breeds and eliminate under qualified fish from the breeding system, which also helps aquarium fish farmers to lower their risks when handling expensive fish.

Using the Fish Tech Farm system in managing and processing data saves a lot of time and manpower.  The processed data will be very accurate.  Farmers also can pull out the data collected from every breed and compare one fish with another or compare different breeds by fish weights, lengths, and gender.  RFID is most suitable for use in the aquatic farming industry, which is one of the industries that earns Thailand huge income each year.