NSTDA research on Automotive and Transportation Clusters has led to development of the Traffy Program, a real time traffic condition reporting system.  Through a website and mobile phones, the system shows the current Bangkok inbound and outbound traffic, and suburban areas in four forms: a map-like interface using different colours for each traffic condition, photos, CCTV live videos, and statistical graphs. All are available at

The Traffy Program was developed to be used in different ways, as follows:

  • Traffy on Smart Phone: For Symbian mobile phones with Java support, users can open a Traffy Map to check the traffic on a map, get traffic information from traffic VMS (variable message signs), and view a live video from CCTV cameras.  Not only is it an effective way to plan a route and get traffic information, the system also accepts additional information such as current traffic conditions and other kinds of incidents on the road from users as well.
  • Traffy on WAP: Through a WAP network – a user does not need to install any software or applications on their mobile phone.  Instead, they can access the Traffy Map, read VMS messages, and view CCTV videos. Users can also use the phone to search for traffic news and can also be a traffic news reporter by submitting live traffic condition from the roads.
  • Traffy on WWW: Reporting traffic conditions through the website was an additional way developed for the system for easier, convenient and private use with a completely different interface.  Traffy on Twitter allows users to get traffic information at all times by browsing through the @Traffy page on Twitter from both computers and mobile phones.
  • Traffy iShare: Users can be a part of traffic problem solution through the iShare system, by sending text messages, photos or videos of current traffic conditions from the roadside.  Accidents, road and other construction points, risky areas reported by users will be processed through the iShare system and then released onto Traffy.  The information received will be used in overall traffic jam prediction as well.