The effects of global climate change include changes in rainfall patterns, a warming climate, draught and flash flooding, spelling major problems for farmers throughout the world. Thailand depends on agriculture as a principle source of income, and the scientists at NSTDA’s Metal and Materials Technology Center have, through the Food and

Agriculture Cluster, developed PolyTech Plastic for greenhouse enclosures. This plastic filters out ultraviolet rays, diffuses light, and reduces heat by as much as three degrees Celsius below that obtained with ordinary plastics.

Different plants require different amounts of sunlight. PolyTech Plastic is designed to provide the appropriate amount of sunlight for many kinds of plant, yielding better growth and enhancing nutritional content and taste. For example, chilies may be hotter and strawberries may be sweeter.

One of MTEC’s many important accomplishments, PolyTech Plastic is currently in the testing phase with private companies preparing for commercial production and distribution.