Dust mites are small creatures that live by eating human dust such as scurf and dandruff. Only 1 gram of such dust can feed 1 million dust mites for a full week. 90% of dust mites live in mattresses, pillows, blankets, sofas, curtains, and stuffed animals. The creatures cause allergies by releasing waste and slime during ovulations and molting; the proteins released are what cause allergies in humans.

NSTDA has supported the research and development project, “The Study on the Control of Dust Mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Using Volatile Essential Oil from Plants Instead of Rough Extracts” by researchers from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, King Monkut’s Institute of Techonology, Ladkrabang.

The research team extracted essential oils from 8 different plants: clove, cinnamon, curcuma, cassumunar, lemongrass, black pepper, sweet basil and coconut, which give volatile essential oils that eliminates dust mites. The best formula is to use clove and cinnamon as main ingredients, and cassumunar and lemongrass as assisting ingredients. Indeed, the team has already produced testing products for trials. The Herbal Anti-Dust Mite Spray removes 100% of dust mites by smoking and direct spraying.

The Herbal Anti-Dust Mite Spray has a pleasant smell. It is harmless and it does not leave any stain. Being user and environmentally friendly, the product is the best alternative for dust mite elimination, which also helps reduce the number of allergy sufferers in Thailand.