Together with government-sector allies, NSTDA, set up Thai Green Design Network to promote the awareness of EcoDesign, or design that takes into account the environment and the economy.  Thai Green Design Network will be another tool to help prevent environmental destruction and degradation and to improve the capacity of Thai industries to compete in the world economy in a sustainable way. 

EcoDesign is a concept that many developed countries are now using to drive environmental management, also a process that combines economic and environmental concepts since the design stage.  The concepts are pursued to services and manufacturing processes with an emphasis on reducing waste, extending durability, and increasing recycling for less harmful impact in the future. 

The members of Thai Green Design Network are MTEC, Thailand Institute of Packaging Management for Sustainable Environment, the Federation of Thai Industries, Thailand Automotive Institute, the Electrical and Electronics Institute, Thailand Textile Institute, The Thailand Research Fund, and Thailand Creative & Design Center.