On 30 October 2020, NSTDA hosted a KidBright workshop for teachers and students from schools for children with special needs. The workshop introduces teachers and students to KidBright, an embedded board developed by NECTEC-NSTDA for children to learn coding, learn how to code with KidBright and create a project using KidBright.

The workshop was attended by teachers and students from 9 schools for students with hearing and physical impairments. In addition, each school was presented with 50 KidBright boards to support coding education.

This workshop is part of NSTDA’s project to teach coding to children with disabilities. Financed by the Educational Promotion and Development Fund for Handicapped Group which is administered by the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), the project plans to organize KidBright training for 26 schools throughout Thailand that are catered to students with hearing and physical impairments under the supervision of OBEC’s Special Education Bureau.