As a staunch supporter of STEM education, NSTDA was invited to share its experience at the International Dialogue on STEM EDUCATION 2019 (IDos 2019) held from 5-6 December 2019 in Berlin, Germany. IDos 2019 brought together over 100 educators from 5 continents to discuss the key question of this year’s conference which is “How do we empower children through STEM education to contribute to creating sustainable societies?"

NSTDA, represented by Ms. Ruetai Chongsrid, Senior Director of the Academic Affairs and Youth Science Program Development Division, was among leading organizations invited to present and lead the discussion in the workshop. Ms. Ruetai Chongsrid was a speaker and led the discussion in the topic “Context is king –How can we implement STEM approaches in specific contexts of Education for Sustainable Development?”.

NSTDA’s engagement in STEM education for children is implemented through programs such as Little Scientists’ House Thailand, Thailand Children’s University and science camps in various disciplines. The agency also established Sirindhorn Science Home in 2005 as a learning center located at the Thailand Science Park designed to provide children with opportunities to acquire skills in science and technology.