It was reported that climate change will have a great effect on agricultural sector.  As Thailand is an agriculture-based country, with half of the land and 35% of the labor force devoted to agriculture, this is a major threat to its economy and food security.  To cope with the effect of climate change on food security, three technologies have been identified as crucial technologies for the development in the next 10 years: plant breeding, precision farming and forecasting and warning system.

NSTDA, in collaboration with several Thai universities, developed intensive capacity building program in plant breeding in order to enhance human resource development on this particular subject. The Program consists of 6 training modules to be offered through a series of workshops, namely:

  • Module I: Breeding Concept and Success Case
  • Module II: Breeding for Cucurbit Crop
  • Module III: Learning from Success Case for Rice MAS
  • Module IV: Breeding for Field Crop and Vegetable
  • Module V: Learning from Success Case for Fruit Tree
  • Module VI: Plant Genomics / Molecular tools

The Plant Breeding Workshop: Breeding for Cucurbit Crop is scheduled on 3-6 June 2015, and Workshop on Breeding Concept and Success Case will be offered in August 2015.  Information on each training workshop will be announced on BIOTEC website under “events” section.