NSTDA kicked off SUCCESS 2018 on 13 July 2018 with the participation of over 40 companies engaging in a wide range of technologies such as software, IT, digital technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology. SUCCESS in an annual NSTDA business incubation program aiming to nurture new technology entrepreneurs to thrive successfully and sustainably in the market.

NSTDA has been organizing SUCCESS for 16 consecutive years, targeting at entrepreneurs operating in technology businesses by offering integrated and comprehensive support for the companies to thrive successfully in the competitive market.  This is achieved through tapping into varieties of NSTDA expertise in terms of new technology, state-of-the-art innovation, equipped infrastructure, funding resources or joint-venture prospects, on-going training and business consulting services including operational techniques, business development, legal and marketing functions, organization and human resource management.

“This year, we have added more partners in the financial sector into our program to offer various forms of financial products and services to our new entrepreneurs. In addition, we also have the largest number of enterprises and startups in our program’s history. SUCCESS 2018 is expected to contribute as much as 500 million baht in net sales of these companies and create 600 more jobs and an additional investment worth 60 million baht,” Ms. Sansanee Huabsomboon, Director of NSTDA Technology Business Incubation Center, said. She further added,  “CEOs from large companies have been invited to share their expertise and experiences with this year’s participants.  Additional financial support will be made available for activities such as business matching and meetings with international companies and group projects.”

What makes SUCCESS unique is that it creates the largest and the most diverse tech business community in Thailand. Community members are able to share and exchange technologies and resources, leverage on the expertise of one another to devise solutions for their clients, and help each other grow their businesses sustainably and even expand their businesses to neighboring countries.  This model can effectively help companies overcome the limitation of small-sized and startup companies.

New partners of SUCCESS 2018 include Samsung Microelectronics Thailand (offering solutions to make business connection to Samsung customers in Asia and an access to Samsung Device Lab to test mobile applications on its Knox security platform), Microsoft BizSpark (offering useful tools for software developers), Bualuang Ventures (providing financial investment to startup and small businesses) and NSTDA programs for industry such as Startup Voucher, ITAP and Innovation List.

Examples of high potential businesses joining SUCCESS 2018 include:

  • Kids Up Smart School, a mobile application created by Articulus Company Limited to facilitate the school traffic and pickup process;
  • We Chef, a food delivery service platform created by We Chef (Thailand) Company Limited;
  • Bearcon School Bus, a mobile application to monitor children traveling in a school bus;
  • ThongLor, a mobile application to make reservation for an in-home service for hair dressers and make-up artists;
  • Smart Catalogue, a platform created by Bookkaze Company Limited that allows users to simply create an online catalogue of its publications for public access;
  • REFIT, a platform for matching service seekers and providers for fitness trainers;
  • Golfdigg, a platform tailored for golf industry that offers online booking for golf courses, an ERP system