Industry Support News Year 2013

BIOTEC and Asia Star Animal Health Co., Ltd. (ASAH) signed a licensing agreement to facilitate the transfer of feed enzyme technology developed by Bioresources Technology Unit to the company for commercial production. The technology, derived from a collaborative research between BIOTEC and ASAH, includes the new fungal strain, Aspergillus sp., which was screened from BIOTEC Culture Collection and the solid state fermentation technique for enzyme production.

A Number of great activities for budding innovators have been organized in the "2nd Tao Kae Noi Technology" hosted by the Samart Innovation Project of the Samart Group Companies and the NSTDA Business Incubator and soon the winners of the event will be announced.  Most recently, after the last intensive session on technology training and marketing theory, the participants got out into the field for fun-filled but educational activities under the "Idea to Market Boot Camp".