In the age of mechanization, Samart Kaset-Yon Co., Ltd. (SMKY), in Chai Nat Province of Thailand, is the first maker of Thai sugarcane harvesters to enter and compete successfully in the global sugarcane market.  SMKY offers made-to-order cane harvesters to clients whose specific challenges (e.g. land size, soil conditions) can be solved by a tailor made design.

Starting in 1996, Mr. Samart Leethirananon (President of SMKY) made his first inventions, sugarcane loaders, by modifying the tractors.  In 1998, he founded SMKY.  Sprayers were then introduced to the market.  In 2002, the SM-135 model, sugarcane harvester vehicle that could handle any soil conditions and land of any size was developed and manufactured.  In 2008, the SM-205 model brought higher efficiency and the ability to operate in clay, small land plots, steeply sloping land and rocky terrains.  In 2009, SMKY launched the SM-150, which could operate in any soil conditions and offered fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs with ease of upkeep.  These selling points, on top of the competitive pricing, draw orders from India, Indonesia, Cambodia and Brazil and with plans to enter the market in Sudan soon.

With a vision to be a global player and to stay competitive, SMKY obtained a soft loan from National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) for 45 million THB (during 2010 - March 2012) to further invest in the state-of-the-arts manufacturing equipment.

This is one successful example of NSTDA’s S&T supporting mechanism for the private sectors, especially SMEs, in their seeking technology and innovation, in addition to providing assistance with its researchers, engineers, facilities, loans, grants and consulting services.

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