Industry Support News Year 2012

In the age of mechanization, Samart Kaset-Yon Co., Ltd. (SMKY), in Chai Nat Province of Thailand, is the first maker of Thai sugarcane harvesters to enter and compete successfully in the global sugarcane market.  SMKY offers made-to-order cane harvesters to clients whose specific challenges (e.g. land size, soil conditions) can be solved by a tailor made design.

BIOTEC-NSTDA, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and BioNet-Asia Company Limited entered into an MOU to collaborate on quality control for vaccine development. The MOU signing ceremony was held on 29 March 2012 at KMUTT. Representing three parties were Mr. Vitoon Vonghangool, Managing Director of BioNet-Asia, Dr. Sakarindr Bhumiratana, KMUTT President, and Dr. Suvit Tia, BIOTEC Deputy Executive Director.

Sigma Aldrich recently launched a new product, Ascochlorin, which has been derived from a fungus found in Thailand called Verticillium hemipterigenum.  Ascochlorin comes from a class of organic chemical compounds called isoprenoids and obtains its name from the fungus Ascochyta.  The product is a result of joint effort amongst various research groups in Thailand.