Innovations developed by Thai firms won gold three medals at the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX 09) this last May in Malaysia. Sponsored by The Technology Management Center (TMC) and developed at the Thailand Science Park, the innovations are the Intelligent Wi-Fi Box, the Laminated Paper Recovery Enzyme,

and the Innov Gel Test, an inexpensive blood testing technology. ITEX is attended by entrepreneurs, inventors, and technologists from many nations.

The Intelligent Wi-Fi Box resolves the problem that purchasers of temporary Wi-Fi services may not use the full amount of time that was paid for. The Intelligent Wi-Fi Box is a coin-operated device that issues a card with a user id and password that the user can use at anytime and in multiple sessions until the purchased time is used up.

The Laminated Paper Recovery Enzyme dissolves laminated paper, such as that used in drink packaging, cigarette packs, and industrial sacks, so that the components can be recycled. Previously there was no reliable way to separate the components, preventing recycling.

The third gold medal winner, the Innov Gel Test is an inexpensive technology for compatibility screening for blood transfusions. Screening requires skilled and experienced technicians, and a great deal of equipment is required for a small amount of screening. The Innov Gel Test however is fast, accurate, and less expensive than the methods that have been developed abroad.

The Intelligent Wi-Fi Box is being developed for commercial distribution in cooperation with TOT Public Company Limited. The Laminated Paper Recovery Enzyme project plan has three stages, distribution of the enzyme, distribution of the recovery system, and common investment in recycling firms, both domestically and abroad. Three Malaysian firms expressed interest in investing at the ITEX 09 exhibition. The Innov Gel Test is already in use at Srinakarin Hospital in Bangkok and goes on the market in July.

More than ever, innovation is a necessity for surviving today’s increasingly intense competition, giving businesses the edge needed to seize market share, adding product value, and differentiating Thai goods from those of competitors. TMC promotes innovation among Thai SMEs through building up the science and technology infrastructure and transferring technology to the private sector.