NSTDA displayed its outstanding work at the CAS Innovation Expo (Bangkok) 2018 held during 10-14 October 2018 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok. The display of NSTDA highlighted collaborative work of the agency with Chinese counterpart in developing innovations that significantly contribute to a better future. These projects include:

  • Chinese-Thai Machine Translation System was co-developed by NECTEC-NSTDA and the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The system contains 400,000 pairs of Thai and Chinese sentences in the library, mainly sentences used in daily life and tourism. The translation system is accessible at
  • UNAI: An indoor positioning system was developed by NECTEC-NSTDA, using Bluetooth Low Energy and standard Wi-Fi. Research team involved in this project has been exchanging ideas and information with researchers of Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS since 2015. 
  • WEFRE Rehab System: Wrist-Elbow-Forearm Robotics Economical Rehabilitation System was developed by NECTEC-NSTDA for treating tetraplegic patients and patients suffering from muscle weakness. The system is being evaluated in several Thai hospitals and the research team hopes to explore collaboration with Chinese organizations.
  • Thailand-China Collaboration on Nanotechnology has been carried out by NANOTEC-NSTDA and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST), CAS since 2013. The two centers have been exchanging information and research staff. Scientists of NANOTEC and NCNST are currently co-advisors to a Thai PhD student studying at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences to investigate nanocarrier-mediated delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 to breast cancer cells.
  • Thailand-China Joint Laboratory on Microbial Biotechnology is a collaborative lab among three major research institutes in Thailand and China, namely the Institute of Microbiology, CAS (IMCAS), Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) and BIOTEC-NSTDA.  The joint laboratory aims to capitalize on the expertise of Thai and Chinese researchers to harness the power of microorganisms to develop solutions for global challenges.
  • Thailand-China Seed Industry Collaboration has been facilitated by NSTDA and several agencies in China, namely Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangzhou Seed Trade Association, China Agricultural University-Futong and Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. The collaboration is centered around conducting field tests of seeds from Thailand in China, organizing business matching and discussion between Thai and Chinese seed companies and facilitating research and capacity building activities between Thai and Chinese scientists from public and private sectors.

CAS Innovation Expo (Bangkok) 2018 was held under the theme “Science & Technology Innovation for a Better Future” and was co-hosted by CAS Innovation Cooperation Center (Bangkok) and Thailand Ministry of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok. The event aimed to showcase and enhance technological cooperation between Thailand and China.