The 18th Asia Nano Forum Summit (ANFoS2021)

This year, NANOTEC in collaboration with ANF will be the host to organize virtual meeting Asia Nano Forum 2021(ANFoS2021). The meeting is an opportunity for ANF members economies to update on the status of nanotechnology development in their countries and share experiences among peers to promote collaboration in the future.

In addition to the ANFoS2021, NANOTEC and ANF also organize virtual meeting on Nanosafety Forum on 5 August 2021 (10.00 – 16.00 hrs.) under the theme “Country Experiences and Predictive Model Developments for Safety Guidelines and Standardization.” We have invited international speakers from ANF member economies and international strategic partners were invited.

This forum will encourage the exchanges of experiences between countries in areas related to Nanosafety policies, public awareness initiatives, and development of guidelines for safety & efficacy implemented in Asia and Europe.

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