Application deadline:

  • Session I – 15 June 2021
  • Session II – 15 July 2021

Session I :Future Physicist International Summer Camp (FPISC) July 4, 2021 ~ July 18, 2021

Online, Hefei, Office of International Cooperation, School of Physical Sciences

What You Can Expect

Many of the everyday technological inventions derive from discoveries in physics. Every summer, USTC organizes the ‘Future Physicist International Summer Camp’ (FPISC) to show the students how the world is rocked by physics. As USTC is leading the research in various fields, including quantum information, condensed matter, astronomy, and particle physics, international students will experience quality teaching and hands-on research in the summer camp. They will also have an exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in a multicultural environment and gain insights into Chinese culture.


-Free registration -Future opportunity to visit USTC for 2-3 weeks before finishing bachelor program (International travel, accommodation and per diem will be covered.)

Tentative Program

Content description:

Theme: “Physics enlighten the world”

Tentative Program

The summer camp will consist of a one-week lecture series given by outstanding professors from USTC and a one-week group study and research with lecture speakers on selected topics. Throughout the camp, a variety of Chinese culture electives will be provided.

Tentative Lectures (Ten lectures from following topics)

-Quantum Leap: Global Quantum Communication Network and Future Aspect

-Correlated Oxide Nanoelectronics

-Progresses on quantum physics based on atomic ensemble

-Structure and evolution of massive galaxies

-Probing and manipulating intertwined orders and interactions in quantum materials

-Dark Matter Direct Detection and PandaX experiment

-A journey into the quantum world with single atoms and molecules

-A quantum leap in communication

-Essence of Astronomy & Dancing with Supermassive Black Holes

-Medical Physics: Image Guided Radiation Ther

-The World of Cold Atoms

-Biological Physics: Frontier at the interface of the physical and life sciences

-Excited Carrier Dynamics in Condensed Matter System

-Archeology of our Universe via the Probe of Primordial Gravitational Waves

-Solid-state quantum memory

-Quantum Control of Spins in Solids

-Imaging Topological Superconductivity and Possible Majorana Modes with Scanning Tunneling Microsc

-Ultracold Matter and Quantum Science


Application Deadline:

June 1, 2021


- Registered full-time at home university; - Complete at least one-year undergraduate study at home university in related discipline - Non-Chinese nationality


Applicants should fill out online application and upload an official transcript at

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Office of International Cooperation


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