TIEMS 2020 Annual Conference will be an arranged as a virtual conference using Zoom for virtually attendance each day of week 49 (30th Nov to 4th December 2020). The topics of each day virtual conference will be selected later. The program aims to promote Turkey’s scientific and technological collaboration with countries of the prospective fellows.

Today, nearly 70% of the EU population lives in urban areas, and this is likely to increase over the next few decades. Cities are main centers for all economic, social and cultural activities in Europe and create around 80% of the EU’s gross domestic product. According to a European Parliament policy study “Mapping Smart Cities in the EU” (January 2014), the core idea of Smart Cities is to better connect human capital, social capital and ICT infrastructures in order to generate greater and more sustainable economic development and a better quality of life for citizens. Over the past few years, projects and programs have multiplied at local, national and European level and some lessons can already be drawn from past experiences.

          However, new technologies have also created new risks for citizens, which are still poorly taken into account. The aim of the conference will therefore be to provide an overview of the risks generated by smart cities and to find solutions, as far as possible. In addition, the coronavirus and covid19 has shown the pandemic risks as a real and deadly threat in urban areas.

          The main topic is “Citizens and Cities Facing New Hazards and Threats” and the following topics will be discussed:

  • Coronavirus and Covid19 Worldwide Status, Concequences and Remedies
  • Smart and resilient cities towards natural and technological disasters
  • Climate change and adaptation of rescue and response forces
  • Cyber security issues for emergency management operations
  • AI and new technologies in civil protection area
  • Safety and security of (new) energies for first responders
  • Value of responders actions on saving lives and properties
  • Resilience policies for cities: What benefits?
  • Focus on EU civil protection and international mechanisms
  • Other subjects related to the previous topics

Call for Papers and Posters 

          There are two types of abstracts can be submitted to one of the tracks above

  • Completed or ongoing academic research (max 1000 words).
  • Practitioners talk (from 200 to 500 words): we strongly encourage submissions describing real-world experiences and case studies and lessons learnt for this TIEMS conference.

Once submitted, all articles will be distributed for evaluation among the pool of reviewers according to their domain of expertise and the topics addressed by the paper. Practitioner submissions will be reviewed according to relevance and ability to contribute to discussions rather than by standard academic criteria.

How to Submit

Please submit an abstract for a Paper or Poster at

Accepted papers will be organized in TIEMS 2020 Virtual Annual Conference Proceedings.

Time frame and selection process

  • Abstract submission: September 15, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance: September 30, 2020
  • Full paper submission: November 1, 2020

More information

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