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The INNO-vation Program has been designed to create new, disruptive, and global value in the ICT (*) field by supporting extraordinarily ambitious technological ideas with great possibilities.

The Program aims to support bold ideas by creative thinkers who, unfettered by conventional wisdom and unafraid of failure, are able to think outside of the box and to take action in order to create something from nothing – we call them “hen” (a Japanese word meaning strange or unusual). It also aims to create an environment in which further ideas can grow by bringing these innovators together.

Over the course of human history, it has always been these creative thinkers who have brought about breakthrough and disruptive innovation through their willingness to take on extraordinarily ambitious technical challenges. The INNO-vation Program operates on the belief that these creative thinkers should be supported to think, create and work freely, as they are the key to creating a new future for Japan.

*ICT: Information and Communication Technology.

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