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National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)

> Bioresources Technology Unit - at the Thailand Science Park

>> Ecology Laboratory: BECO
>> Information System Laboratory: BIFS
>> Microbial Cell Factory Laboratory: BMCF
>> BIOTEC Culture Collection Laboratory: BBCC
>> Bioassay Laboratory: BBIA
>> Fermentation Technology and Biochemical Engineering Laboratory: BFBE
>> Enzyme Technology Laboratory: BENZ
>> Geoinformatics Laboratory: BGIS
>> Mycology Laboratory: BMYC
>> Bioresources Research Laboratory: BBRE
>> Microbial Engineering Laboratory: BMEN

> Agricultural Biotechnology Research Unit - at the Thailand Science Park

>> Plant Research Laboratory: APLT
>> Monoclonal Antibody Production Laboratory: AMAB
>> Starch Biosynthesis Laboratory: ASBS
>> Shrimp-Virus Interaction Laboratory: ASVI
>> Microarray Laboratory: AMIA
>> Virology and Cell Technology Laboratory: AVCT
>> Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory: APPB
>> Animal Physiology Laboratory: AAPH
>> Plant Molecular Genetics Laboratory: APMG
>> Aquatic Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory: AAMG

> Food Biotechnology Research Unit - at the Thailand Science Park

>> Food Biotechnology Laboratory: FFBT

> Medical Molecular Biology Research Unit - at the Thailand Science Park

>> Tuberculosis Research Laboratory: MTBR
>> Protein-Ligand Engineering and Molecular Biology Laboratory: MPMB

> Genome Institute - at the Thailand Science Park

>> Genomic Research Laboratory: GGER
>> Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Laboratory: GBSI
>> Proteomics Research Laboratory: GPRO

> Biochemical Engineering and Pilot Plant Research and Development Unit - at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
> Excellent Center of Waste Utilization and Management (ECoWaste) - at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
> Cassava and Starch Technology Research Unit - at Kasetsart University
> Rice Gene Discovery Unit - at Kasetsart University
> Medical Biotechnology Research Unit - at Siriraj Hospital
> Biomedical Technology Research Center - at Chiang Mai University
> Center of Excellence for Marine Biotechnology - at Chulalongkorn University
> Center of Excellence for Molecular Biology and Genomics of Shrimp - at Chulalongkorn University
> Center of Excellence for Shrimp Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Centex Shrimp) - at Mahidol University
> Peat Swamp and Rainforest Research Station - in Narathiwat Province

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)

> Advanced Automation and Electronics Research Unit

>> Embedded System Technology Laboratory (EST)
>> Industrial Control and Automation Laboratory (ICA)

> Information Communication and Computing Research Unit

>> Large Scale Simulation Research Laboratory (LSR)
>> Network Technology Laboratory (NTL)
>> Optical and Quantum Communications Laboratory (OQC)

> Intelligent Devices and Systems Research Unit

>> Nanoelectronics and MEMS Laboratory (MEM)
>> Photonics Technology Laboratory (PTL)
>> Solar Energy Technology Laboratory (STL)

> Intelligent Informatics Research Unit

>> Biomedical Signal Processing (BSP) Laboratory
>> Digital Media Informatics Laboratory (DMI)
>> Image Technology Laboratory (IMG)

>> Knowledge Elicitation and Archiving Laboratory (KEA)
>> Language and Semantic Technology Laboratory (LST)
>> Speech and Audio Technology Laboratory (SPT)

> Wireless Information Security and Eco-Electronics Research Unit

>> Wireless Innovations and Security Laboratory (WIS)


National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC)

> Computer-Aided Technology Research Unit

>> Automotive Laboratory
>> CAD/CAE Laboratory

> Design and Engineering Research Unit

>> Metallurgy Laboratory
>> Foundry Engineering Laboratory
>> Automation and Mechatronics Laboratory

> Ceramics Technology Research Unit

>> Ceramics Processing Laboratory
>> Applied Ceramics Laboratory
>> Ceramics Design and Manufacturing Laboratory

> Polymers Research Unit

>> Plastics Technology Laboratory
>> Polymer Physics Laboratory
>> Polymer Chemistry Laboratory
>> Rubbers Laboratory
>> Textiles Laboratory

> Biomedical Engineering Research Unit

>> Biomaterials Laboratory
>> Medical Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
>> Medical Devices Laboratory

> Materials for Energy Research Unit

>> Bioenergy Laboratory
>> Electrochemical Materials and System Laboratory

> Materials Reliability Research Unit

>> Failure Analysis and Materials Corrosion Laboratory
>> Surface Science and Engineering Laboratory
>> Near-Net-Shape Metal Manufacturing Laboratory
>> Cerapart Laboratory

> Environment Research Unit

>> Life Cycle Assessment Laboratory
>> Eco Product Development Laboratory
>> Environmental Management Laboratory
>> Materials Technology for Hazardous Substances Free Products Laboratory
>> Materials for Environment Laboratory

> Materials Characterization Research Unit

>> MTEC Call Culture Unit
>> Electrical Properties Measurement Laboratory
>> Mechanical Properties Testing Laboratory
>> Optical Microscopy / Image Analysis Laboratory
>> Powder Characterization Laboratory
>> Scanning Electron Microscopy / X-ray Microanalysis Laboratory
>> Vibrational Spectroscopy Laboratory
>> Thermal Analysis Laboratory
>> Transmission Electron Microscopy / X-ray Microscopy Laboratory
>> XRD / XRF X-ray Techniques Laboratory
>> Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
>> Chromatography Laboratory


National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC)

> Nanotec Central Research Unit

>> Nano Delivery System Laboratory (NanoDelivery)
>> Nanomaterials for Energy and Catalysis Laboratory (NanoEnergy & Cat.)
>> Nano-cosmeceuticals Laboratory (NanoCosme)
>> Hybrid Nanostructure and Nanocomposites Laboratory (NanoHybrid)
>> Nano Safety and Risk Assessment Laboratory (NannoSafety)
>> NanoMolecular Sensor Laboratory (NanoSens)
>> Nanoscale Simulation Laboratory (NanoSim)
>> Organic Nanomaterials Laboratory
>> Nano-Molecular Target Discovery Laboratory (Target Discovery)
>> Nano Characterization Laboratory
>> Nano Functional Textile Laboratory
>> Engineering and Manufacturing


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