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The manufacturing and service industries of Thailand play in an important role in driving the country’s economy as can be seen by the fact that manufacturing and service industries accounted for 86% of the country’s annual GDP on average from 2005-2009.  However, manufacturing industries still face various problems on all sides such as low production capacity, competition for market leadership, movement of manufacturing bases from Thailand to countries with lower wages, lack of essential up-stream industries, lack of ability to accommodate and upgrade to advanced production technology and new products.

NSTDA is aware of the importance of R&D work to create technologies in the manufacturing and service industries in order to increase capability and create added value in these industries.  It has set up R&D strategies for the manufacturing and service industries for the years 2011-2016, focusing on spearheaded manufacturing industries, namely the hard disk drive industry, the air-conditioning and refrigerator industry and the automotive and automotive parts industries.

The Hard Disk Drive Industry Research Program
The program aims to encourage Thailand to be a competitive R&D hub for hard disk drives in the region and to maintain existing manufacturing bases.  Key operation plans include:

1. Supporting and promoting R&D work on technology that will increase production efficiency and technology for testing hard disk drives and their parts.
2. Supporting Thai SMEs in their designing and manufacturing efforts so that they can compete and meet the automation-related needs of local and international manufacturers.
3. Supporting R&D work on the production processes of hard disk drives of 5-10 Tbpsi, which is the new technology that will impact the hard disk drive industry worldwide.

The Air-conditioning and Refrigerator Industry Program
The program aims to encourage the air-conditioning industry to participate in R&D work for air-conditioning products, which will lead to add value for products and exports.  Key operation plans include:

1. Doing R&D work on new product technologies, developing parts and manufacturing processes, focusing on developing inverter prototypes and fans, and DC motor parts.
2. Encouraging the development of standards related to the air-conditioning industry to accommodate industrial expansion brought on by new technology development.
3. Creating R&D personnel to support new technology.

The Automotive and Automotive Parts Industry Program
The program focuses on supporting the Thai automotive industry in its efforts to design key automotive parts, drives, electric car safety equipment and energy-saving and environment-friendly automotive parts.  Key operation plans include:

1. Developing prototypes and designing technologies and manufacturing electric cars.
2. Developing industrial-level SUV prototypes, increasing manufacturing and designing capabilities to higher standards for local use and overseas export in the future.
3. Developing industrial-level prototypes or technologies related to mechanical and electronic automotive parts.

April 05, 2017

MOST and 50 Allied Organizations promote EECi

MOST and 50 Allied Organizations promote EECi Boost industrial sector, economics, and people’s life quality with science, technology, and innovation towards Thailand 4.0   5 Apr 2017 – U-Tapao International Airport, Rayong Province, Thailand: Today, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), a member of Ministry of Science and Technology…
July 16, 2015

Capacity Building in Biosafety of Genetically Modified Microorganisms

A genetically modified microorganism (GMM) is a microorganism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic modification techniques to produce desired genetic features for specific needs. In an industrial scale, GMMs have been utilized to produce specially designed products in a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical and medical supply…
December 04, 2013

MetaSel: A metaphase selection tool

Identification of good metaphase spreads is an important step in chromosome analysis for identifying individuals with genetic disorders. The process of finding suitable metaphase chromosomes for accurate clinical analysis is, however, very time consuming since they are selected manually. The selection of suitable metaphase chromosome spreads thus represents a major…
September 17, 2012

Thai-made Sugarcane Harvesters Competing in the Global Market

  In the age of mechanization, Samart Kaset-Yon Co., Ltd. (SMKY), in Chai Nat Province of Thailand, is the first maker of Thai sugarcane harvesters to enter and compete successfully in the global sugarcane market.  SMKY offers made-to-order cane harvesters to clients whose specific challenges (e.g. land size, soil conditions)…
May 02, 2012

Seismic detection technology for dam safety

High amplitude earthquakes in Asia are now frequently observed.  The ground shaking could lead to damages or collapse of engineering structures such as dams.  Dam breaking can result in large scale disasters at downstream communities.  In addition, electricity shortage will affect the industrial and economic sector severely.  Seismic detector is…
May 02, 2012

Graphene research adds value to domestic printing industry

  Thailand’s printing industry and its advancements into the digital era have led to considerable success in exporting printed products, including photographic books, children’s publications, calendars, postcards, greeting cards, posters, pop-up books, and various types of catalogues.Recently graphene has been locally synthesized, using an electrochemical technique, for conductive ink production…
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