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November 19, 2014

Cinema gets scientific

Twenty-six films from 12 countries are being screened during the 10th Science Film Festival, which is currently running in Bangkok and 18 other provinces, until Dec 14.

The films are presented in four categories - Family Edutainment; Ecology and Environment; Natural Science, Life Science and Technology; and Culture and History.

Among the highlights are:

Wildlife: Sophisticated Farmers -  Leafcutter Ants

Directed by Ichiro Yamamoto, this Japanese documentary takes us deep in the tropical forests of Central America where an extraordinary creature lives - the leafcutter ant. Unlike other species of ant, leafcutter ants produce a diverse range of sounds, and scientists have finally managed to tune into this unique world of communication.

The Joy Of Logic

Directed by Catherine Gale, this BBC production is a sharp, witty, mind-expanding and exuberant foray into the world of logic with computer scientist Dave Cliff. The film journeys from Aristotle and Alice In Wonderland  to sci-fi and supercomputers, telling the fascinating story of the quest for certainty and the fundamentals of sound reasoning.

Max Planck Cinema: Genes On The Move

This short German documentary follows Prof Ralph Bock, who is tracing back the history of evolution in his laboratory. How did primitive cells develop into multiple forms of life? He condenses millions of years of evolution into just a few weeks with the help technology and tobacco plants.

Venues for Bangkok screenings are the National Science Museum, NSM Science Square, the Science Center for Education, the Thai Film Archive, NSTDA Thailand Science Park, Nanmeebooks Learning Centre and TK Park.


Reference : 2014. Cinema gets scientific. Bangkok Post. 13 November 2014, p. 2

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