NSTDA Statement No. 3 on

COVID-19 Confirmed Case Found on NSTDA Premises

Following the 2nd statement disclosing the COVID-19 negative test results of 10 high risk contacts, NSTDA would like to report that the 11th and the last high risk contact has been tested negative, so have family members of the confirmed case. All high risk contacts are currently placed under a 14-day quarantine.

The deep cleaning and disinfection of all buildings in Thailand Science Park are being carried out according to the public health measures. Thailand Science Park will reopen on 25 December 2020 as planned, except for the areas associated with the confirmed case which will remain closed for cleaning and disinfection for another 7 days until 29 December 2020. All NSTDA staff and relevant personnel will continue to observe strict surveillance, prevention and control measures.

Narong Sirilertworakul

NSTDA President

23 December 2020