NSTDA Statement No. 2 on

COVID-19 Confirmed Case Found on NSTDA Premises

Following the 1st statement describing that a person working in Thailand Science Park has been confirmed of a COVID-19 infection and is being treated following the procedure of Ministry of Public Health, NSTDA would like to provide an update on the situation as follows:

  1. An epidemiological investigation carried out by the Pathum Thani Public Health Office revealed 11 high risk contacts, each of which has subsequently been tested for the COVID-19 at hospitals designated by the public health office. Of these, 10 contacts were tested negative while the test result of one contact will be available on 23 December. All 11 high risk contacts are placed under a 14-day quarantine for observation.
  2. Chaiwat Chuenkosum, Governor of Pathum Thani Province and his team, accompanied by public health officers inspected the premises and were briefed on actions and measures that NSTDA have implemented. The implemented actions and measures were found to be in compliance with regulatory standards.
  3. NSTDA, in collaboration with the Tha Khlong Virus Control Unit, Pathum Thani Province, has completed deep cleaning and disinfection on risk areas according to the public health measures. Spray disinfection will be carried out in all buildings located in Thailand Science Park by KEEEN Limited and is expected to be complete as planned.


Narong Sirilertworakul

NSTDA President

22 December 2020