The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) is an agency of the government under the Thai Ministry of Science and Technology which supports research in science and technology and their application in the Thai economy. NSTDA consists of four National Research Centers which are Biotech, Mtech, NanoTech and NECTEC with a Technology Management Center. Business Incubator Center (BIC) was previously known as TSP-TBI prior to merging IT incubation center and technology incubation center in October 2010. BIC is an operating unit within the Technopreneur Development Services division (TDS) under Technology Management Center. It focuses on IT and Technology Incubation.



Business Incubation Center (BIC) has set its vision to be the leader of technology business incubation nurturing Thailand entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into high value and innovation created businesses.


Mission Statement

BIC is determined to provide top-of-the-line incubation services which are comprehensive from pre-incubation to post-incubation for IT and technology businesses in order to assist technology businesses start-up in their early stages by

·Providing effective comprehensive IT and technology business incubation services

·Assisting spin-off researchers in their technology business endeavor

·Promoting investment and funding for technology businesses

·Providing the right cure to the right case.


Future Goals

BIC is aimed to be a leader of the technopreneur development in the region by;

·becoming a national benchmark of technology business incubator

·strengthening its networks and alliances both local and international

·encouraging the technology development and commercialization.

·Coordinating subject matter expert pool across the region.

Where we are now?

BIC is a breeding ground for strong new technology and IT businesses.It provides environment and facilities to nurture and to groom new technopreneurs which includes facilities, workshops, training, advisory, subject matter experts, consultation, Exhibition, networking, business and fund matching to its incubatees. It adaptive program to apply the right cure for the right case in order to shorten the process, to strengthen the health of the businesses and to ensure the effectiveness of its pre-incubation and incubation programs. During the past 4 years BIC has nurtured more than 320 pre-incubatees and more than 155 incubatees for IT and Technology businesses. BIC is aiming to produce 65 successful technopreneurs from its incubation program in 2011.


BIC’s incubation facilities are in 2 locations; Software Park building and Thailand Science Park. IT businesses incubation center is located on the 5th floor of the Software Park Building in Nonthaburi. Technology businesses incubation center is located on the 3rd floor of the INC1 building and the Garden of Innovation at the Thailand Science Park in Pratumthani, where they are in the same premise as NSTDA Research Centers. Both locations are ideal innovative ecosystem for software and technology entrepreneurs and businesses.